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How to Disinfect and Sanitize Office Space

Old Fashioned Cleaning provides cleaning services in Ann Arbor and the surrounding community.

Are you having a hard time maintaining a clean office space?

Is your staff unwilling to pitch in and clean their office space? If they’re messy at home, chances are their office is probably equally messy, which can be an eyesore for potential clients or customers.

It’s a no brainer that when your office is clean, you’re more productive. Most of us can find things easier in a well-organized office, but you may thrive in chaos. Either way, Old-Fashioned Cleaning has tips to help keep your office clean and sanitized:

  1. Dust your desk, windowsills, picture frames, and computer monitor
  2. Vacuum your carpets and mop floors
  3. Disinfect all of your doorknobs, keyboards, and the computer mouse
  4. Remove the trash and recycling regularly
  5. And more – customized cleaning solutions are available to fit your needs!

Consistency is Key!

If you have a hard time maintaining a clean office, professional cleaning services in Ann Arbor can help you keep a germ-free workspace. Our professional cleaning experts at Old-Fashioned Cleaning will disinfect all of your surfaces to ensure germs and bacteria aren’t transmitted.

“Old-Fashioned has been a valued vendor for over 17 years; providing day to day cleaning services for several buildings in our portfolio. Their team, from office to the field, is honest, reliable and friendly. Old-Fashioned is always quick to respond to inquiries, potential issues, or special requests like addressing spills or stains, after construction clean up, or detail cleaning before an event. With confidence, we gladly recommend Old-Fashioned to anyone in search of commercial cleaning services.” First Martin Corporation

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Keeping your office clean is hard work and can be a full-time job. At Old-Fashioned Cleaning, we employ best practices. We’ll create an inviting look and feel for your business or office space. Give your office the attention and love it needs and deserves. Contact us today for a free estimate – where clean never goes out of style. (734) 663-0104 

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