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Window Washing

Are your windows dirty and unsightly? You need help from the window washing professionals at Old-Fashioned Cleaning in Ann Arbor! Windows accumulate dirt, grime, and other elements that can reduce the amount of light your windows allow into your business. 

The window washing professionals at Old-Fashioned Cleaning pay close attention to detail. We make sure your frame, tracks, and sills are properly cleaned and maintained. As a result, your windows’ overall appearance improves and potential damage and deterioration are kept to a minimum. 

With Old-Fashioned Cleaning washing your windows, you’ll enjoy the benefits of clean, transparent windows that bring beautiful light and a fresh perspective to any space. You can customize your window washing schedule so it works for you (one time per year, every 6 months, or every month). Contact us today to learn more about our cleaning services or for an estimate at (734) 663-0104

Window Washing Cleaning Services Ann Arbor

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