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Revitalize Your Workspace

Cleaning Company Near Me

Is your office ready for spring?

Are you ready to refresh your workspace?

Messy spaces can feel overwhelming. Dust and pollen activate allergies and clutter weighs you down. Untidy spaces hinder productivity, which is why keeping a clean office space is so important! 

Use these strategies to set yourself up for success this spring: 

Declutter your desk:

Spring is the time to go through and throw out all outdated paperwork. Clear your desk of items that no longer serve a purpose. Reorganize your desk drawers and create a work space that will set you up for success!

Clean your virtual workspace: 

This is the perfect time to go through your cluttered email inbox and clear out old emails. In addition, freshen up your desktop and remove outdated files so you can head into the new season feeling clear-headed. 

Call a Cleaning Company: 

Messy work environments are a distraction and can bring stress and frustration to your employees. The feeling of having freshly cleaned, sanitized office will put your employees and customers at ease. When employees work in a clean space, they are healthier, more efficient, and have higher levels of morale.

If you’re searching for a “cleaning company near me,” Old-Fashioned Cleaning is the answer!  

If your business is ready to hit the ground running this season, spring into action and give us a call at (734) 663-0104 or contact us to set up a free estimate

When searching for a spring, “cleaning company near me,” partner with Old-Fashioned Cleaning. Our family-owned business has served the Ann Arbor area for the past 45 years. Old-Fashioned Cleaning is ready to do a deep clean on your space so you and your employees can walk into the spring season feeling refreshed, focused, and ready to go!

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