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How a Clean Workspace Can Boost Employee Productivity & Performance

Cleaning Service Near Me Ann Arbor

Are you looking for cleaning services near Ann Arbor or the surrounding area?

Are you looking for ways to boost your team’s productivity and performance?

Have you ever thought about how a clean workspace affects your team’s performance?

Here are some benefits of a clean workspace:

  • Ensure wellness – Your employees are less likely to develop an illness and pass it onto others. A clean office also lessens the risk of your employees missing work due to illness.
  • Decrease the risk of hazards – Packages and boxes sitting in your hallways and pose a tripping hazard and can block your employees from exiting your facility during an emergency.
  • Boost performance – Studies have shown that messy offices can contribute to distractions. A clean and well-organized office can incentivize your employees to perform at the highest level.
  • Present yourself favorably to the public – Customers can easily form opinions based on their environment. A negative first impression could cost you sales and negatively affect the potential growth of your business.
  • Maintain efficiency of your workspace – A clutter-free workspace is accomplished by regularly cleaning your workspace

Employees can perform essential cleaning duties, but it’s crucial to hire a professional cleaning service near you that can ensure your office is sanitized thoroughly.

Why Hire a Professional Cleaning Service Near You Like Old-Fashioned Cleaning?

Leave the cleaning to the experts and you'll have more time to focus on your business! Professional cleaning service near you is as convenient as it sounds. Old-Fashioned Cleaning is a local Ann Arbor janitorial service that has an outstanding reputation for excellence.

“Old-Fashioned Cleaning was recommended to us when we first moved to this office complex in 2008. We have never considered changing janitorial companies. Their service is impeccable…they have never missed a cleaning day or special request. They are very quick to respond to any questions concerning our account as well. If you choose Old-Fashioned Cleaning for your company, you will have peace of mind knowing the job will be done in a first class manner.” Car and Driver, Review

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Keeping your office clean is hard work and can be a full-time job. At Old-Fashioned Cleaning, we employ best practices. We’ll create an inviting look and feel for your business or office space. Give your office the attention and love it needs and deserves. Contact us today for a free estimate – where clean never goes out of style. (734) 663-0104

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