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Exterior Power Washing

Dirt and grime can diminish the aesthetic appeal of your home or business. Exterior power washing is an effective solution that can restore your property’s appearance. 

Over time, the accumulation of harmful substances like mold, mildew and algae can deteriorate your wood, siding and concrete.   

  • Pressure washing – restores color and vibrance to exterior of office by removing the dirt, moss, and algae. 
  • Soft washing services - renew areas that might be damaged by higher pressure (i.e., roofs and siding)

While some people opt for DIY power washing, hiring a professional power washing service is a better bet to get outstanding results without causing damage to your property. From small suites to large multi-tenant buildings, Old-Fashioned Cleaning will work with your needs and budget to make sure you’re highly satisfied. Contact us today to learn more about our cleaning services or for an estimate at (734) 663-0104!

Exterior Power Washing Cleaning Services Ann Arbor

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