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Old-Fashioned Team Focus

1. Communication

We pride ourselves on being the best in business communication.  You’ll never email or call and have that "I wonder if anyone even got my message?" feeling ever again. You’ll always receive an immediate response from our Office Manager Bobbie Harless and a timely response and resolution from our Operations Manager Travis Lightner. Our team will work hard to resolve any requests or issues you have in a timely manner. 

All major issues run past Andrew Reiff, the owner, and he personally puts his 27 years of experience towards any issues that may not have an obvious initial solution. This alone makes our value above the rest.  However, the service is where we shine!

2. Consistency in quality with no "dips" in service. 

At Old-fashioned Cleaning, we don't use the industry standard of "floaters".  Floaters are permanent subs that "float" around and simply cover buildings. They’re a lower quality cleaner that never gets to know your building from the inside out.  Even if they do learn your building over a period of time, they never learn the real details that you want them too. Missing a small bathroom here, a few trash cans there, setting off your alarm at 2am, or missing the boss's office can be frustrating over time.

The area supervisor for your account is the one to cover the work along with an assistant supervisor, or their trusted helpers under their watchful eye. On the rare occasion absences are more than the supervisors team can cover, the operations manager will even roll up his sleeves, and kick in where he’s needed.  We take a cooperative approach and the team all helps each other in any way we can to satisfy your needs. This costs us a bit more on the front end, but we find avoiding these dips in service is worth the cost as we have almost no client turnover due to this special touch. 

We focus on coaching our cleaners to maintain our high quality standards as well as checking consistently.

3. Personalized Approach

If you decide to go with Old-Fashioned Cleaning for your janitorial needs, we start up accounts with a personalized approach. We do this through a slow-growth model and only start new accounts at a pace our entire company is comfortable with, and give you the time and attention you deserve. 

Our long-time operations manager, Travis Lightner, is personally responsible for starting up each new account. Depending on the size of your facility, he may spend 1 day up to 2 weeks in your space. Our first priority is to get the facility up to the standards you deserve and hired us to do. Once we get things shining, we establish an efficient routine to maximize the cleaning your budget allows. Travis will work directly with your area supervisor and make sure the process is down pat. Then the supervisor will handle your account themselves with their assistants to make sure all procedures are applicable to future cleaners. Only then will the work be given to a trained team of cleaners to perform the tasks needed on a daily basis. We then continually monitor them for the life of your account. 

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