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Refrigerator Cleaning

Is your refrigerator at work smelly and unsightly? Our professional refrigerator cleaning services offer a convenient solution to ensure that your fridge remains clean, organized, and germ-free! 

Old-Fashioned Cleaning’s thorough refrigerator cleaning services offer many benefits, including, improved food safety, odor elimination, and convenience.  When you rely on Old-Fashioned Cleaning, you’ll enjoy a spotless, sanitized, and fresh smelling fridge with no hassle.

You can choose between a deep clean or a basic clean for your refrigerator. We’ll remove all items – or just perishable items – and disinfect the interior, including all drawers and shelves. Freezer cleaning includes a simple brush out or a deep clean involving unplugging your refrigerator and freezer unit, throwing out all the items and wet wiping the interior, including all drawers and shelves.

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Refrigerator Cleaning Service Ann Arbor

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