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Replace Your Unresponsive Cleaning Company with a Professional Cleaning Service in Ann Arbor

Professional Cleaning Service Ann Arbor

Sick and tired of your cleaning company taking forever to respond to your calls and emails?

Are you searching for a commercial cleaning company that prioritizes good communication?

As small business owners, we understand your frustration when communication isn’t clear or consistent. How can our customers expect us to do a thorough job cleaning their office spaces, if we’re not also providing thorough communication? If your space is messy, you can’t afford for your cleaning company to be messy too! 

When you hire a professional cleaning service, you expect responsive communication and high-quality work that exceeds your expectations! We want to assure that you can rest easy when the cleanliness of your office in in our hands. 

Here are some signs to look for when communication begins to falter with your cleaning company: 

Unresolved Complaints

If you have raised complaints about specific issues with your cleaning company, yet they consistently go unresolved or unaddressed, it suggests a lack of accountability. 

When you pay for a service that doesn’t satisfy your needs, it’s best practice for that company to address your concerns promptly and make it right. If they lack professionalism and demonstrate poor customer service, and you should be cautious doing future business with them. 

Missed Appointments 

When your cleaning company frequently misses scheduled appointments without prior notice or explanation, it shows a lack of reliability. 

If your cleaning company consistently fails to show up when they say they will, it also signals inconsistency in service quality. 

Lack of Communication 

If it’s difficult to get in touch with your cleaning company regarding scheduling changes, complaints, or inquiries, this indicates poor communication skills. 

You shouldn’t be the one responsible for managing the process. The cleaning company you hire should take initiative to reach out on a consistent basis to ensure you’re satisfied with the services they’re providing and asking for your feedback. 

Decline in Cleaning Quality 

When you notice a decline in the quality of cleaning over time, despite voicing concerns, then your cleaning company isn’t fulfilling their obligations. 

You deserve a cleaning company that prioritizes a job well done, so your business’s positive image stays intact. Failure to maintain a clean office space, could have a negative impact on your business. 

Billing Inconsistencies

If there are errors or inconsistencies with your billing from your cleaning company, or they’re not transparent about their pricing structure, this is another red flag. 

You should be able to rely on your commercial cleaning company to provide a correct estimate, and accurate bill for the services you hire them for. It’s impossible to budget your business expenses correctly if you receive varying bills from services you pay for on a regular basis. 

Your Professional Cleaning Service in Ann Arbor!

Be aware of these signs that indicate it’s time to replace your unresponsive cleaning company. If you’re searching for a professional cleaning service in Ann Arbor, Old-Fashioned Cleaning is your answer. We are committed to high quality standards, from our office staff to our cleaners.

Contact us today for a free estimate to learn more about the services and quality we provide. 

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